🎄Last minute Christmas tips, lewks and recipes 🎄

Stop the press✋how is Christmas only a few days away?! I feel like my hot girl summer was only yesterday and now I’m hustlin’ under the mistletoe during cuffing season. You may be in the same boat as me and feel like everyone is ahead of the game and you’re rapidly running out of time to get everything ready for Christmas. Worry not bestie, consider this your mini xmas bible for surviving and slaying the day.

Christmas tips

Now, it may feel like the big day is rapidly approaching so it’s important to identify what's doable for you and what’s not. Got too much on your plate to organise and complete everything? Delegate some of the tasks to ensure everything you want is done. I mean hello? Get your friends and family to get their booty in gear and help.

Pay attention to last Christmas posting dates. This could be online shopping or sending cards. If you are a card sender and have missed the date, don’t panic, send an e-card! 

If you haven’t got many decorations or are looking for an inexpensive option but still wanting to jazz up the crib, why not try simply wrapping up different size boxes in nice paper as presents and dot them around the house. Display them anywhere you fancy, might even be a cute staircase moment.

Never underestimate the power of the humble fairy lights. Dust of your trusty Primark string lights and dot them around the house, especially the living room. I will be doing this and if it doesn’t look like a scene from the decks the halls I will be fumin’.

Christmas Lewks

Don’t panic if you haven’t got your Christmas lewk locked and loaded. If you wanted to buy a new outfit, double check their delivery dates. If not why not work with what you got? Mix and match or dust off an item you haven’t worn in ages. Check out this video for some last minute Christmas outfits inspo.

Here’s three hair styles using our silky Good Hair, Don’t Care Hair Mask (shameless plug💅) which are super quick and still leaving you looking sleek. The clean girl aesthetic rests for no one.

Christmas Recipes

Even if you’re not cooking Christmas dinner, it may be nice to have a little treat that you’ve baked yourself. One thing to note is make these bakes at least the day before as there might not be space in the kitchen for your bakes. It also means you can have a nice little snack on Christmas eve. Why not try some of these recipes?

Nutella Christmas Tree

Christmas Pudding cookies

Snowman Bark

Date: 23 December 2022

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