Hot girl szn isn’t just for summer, it’s a lifestyle

RIP summer 2022, gone but not forgotten. For us hot girls and guys, it was the perfect time to slap on our SPF and dance day to night. As we move into Autumn, days are getting shorter, skin and hair are changing and your summer love is now blocked and deleted. So how can we stay being the hot girls that we are as we move into autumn? Here are 6 hot girl tips you need to reset this September and get ready for the season ahead. 

  1. Establish a routine
  • And yes, scheduling in Married at First Sight into your night routine is a routine.
  • Declutter your clothes
  • Look, I know that afghan jacket you bought on Depop 4 years ago is super cute but you haven’t worn it, get rid. Donate to your local chazza shop or stick on Depop or Vinted. 
  • Deep clean your home
  • That hot girl pad needs a clean and Gordon’s pink gin stacked-up is not decor, get that 00’s playlist on and start cleaning.
  • Re-establish your sleeping pattern
  • The stint of bank hols are over, time to sort ourselves out. Going to sleep when the birds are chirping isn’t going to cut it.
  • Journal
  • There’s no better time to start journaling than now. Journaling is a super easy source of selfcare. For example, I am thankful for my family’s health and Mcdonalds Monopoly coming back.
  • Revisit year goals and set new ones
  • To the friends who saw me write my goal as being vegan for 2022 and have also seen me devour chicken wings after minor inconvenience, no you didn’t x. Bestie, things happen over the year and priorities change. If you’ve set yourself an unachievable goal, amend so it can be achieved. For me, having vegan days 4 out of the 7 days is achievable, cheers Linda McCartney hun, your sausages hit different.


Date: 07 September 2022

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