How to be THAT girl

THAT girl: Known mostly on TikTok, "That Girl" is a girl (or any gender) that gets up early and takes care of themselves, completing tasks daily that serve their own happiness and personal development. 

January is coming to an end, but we will not be dropping our newly found positive habits. 2022 is all about steady long term goals rather than quick fixes of intense new habits. Here’s our tips for becoming THAT girl or guy this year. 


  1. Go on your daily hot girl/boy walks

Exercising each day doesn’t have to be intense workouts. Getting out of the house for a 30 minute walk a day can reduce stress and improve your mood and sleep quality. Getting out on a midday walk will also work wonders for your concentration for any other tasks during the day. We will not be burning out in 2022 besties.


2. Get your 8 hours

To show up as your best self, it’s vital to be getting enough sleep, especially after the wild ride of no routine that was December. Sleeping may seem like a basic step to being the best version of you, but getting the right amount of sleep not only leaves you feeling fresh and ready for the day, but it actually boosts your immune system. 


3. Read more 

Consuming new information is always great for improving on vocabulary which is always a win, but there are also some great books out there that can really help to motivate and put you in a positive place. Even if you’re just up for indulging in a story, it’s so important to give yourself some down time away from a screen. 

Eat your fruit and veg, be kind to everyone and yourself, indulge in self care - make 2022 your year, just don’t be so hard on yourself in the process. 

Date: 24 January 2022

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