How to perfect skinimalism

Skinimalism, what is it? It is the simplification of your routine. Instead of overloading your skin with products, you only apply products that genuinely work for you skin and have mutliuse properties.

Keep reading to see some tips on how to implement this...

🌈Less, but better - Streamline your products and include only those that offer high quality formulations, the effective percentages of active ingredients and has multiple benefits. Also look for products that are multi-purpose.

💓Stop layering and mixing - The more you layer, the higher chance you have of sensitising your skin. Look for products and active ingredients your skin actually needs and be careful not to repeat or overuse particular active ingredients (particularly those that can cause irritation).

🌺Avoid over exfoliating and cleansing - Overdoing either can strip away the natural oils that keep your complexion balanced and healthy.

💖Focus on keeping your skin barrier intact and healthy -  A healthy skin barrier protects you from harmful microorganisms. The best way to keep your skin intact and happy is hydration, hydration, hydration. Ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid are particularly helpful.

💫Keep it simple - If it’s simple, you’ll stick to it! Creating an elaborate 10 step routine, which more often than not you cannot face to do every morning and night, will only lead to failure. Also, if you travel a lot, simple is much easier to maintain. When you want to add the occasional extra boost, make sure it actually serves a benefit that’s not already met in your consistent routine.

Date: 21 March 2023

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