Lifestyle changes you can make to be more sustainable

Are you keen to live your life in a way that is considerate to the planet and the peeps that live on it? With the fast pace of life it can sometimes feel difficult to work out what the best way is to achieve and a bit overwhelming.

Well, you don't need to change your life overnight. Starting with small changes here and there is easy to do, but in the long run they can have a big impact, not just on the planet but also on your wallet.

We’ve pulled together a few pointers and tips for you. 

🌟Skincare: Invest in multi-purpose products that cover off a number of functions in your skincare regime. We all know that it can take a lot of time to layer up all of the different skincare products (not to mention it’s expensive!). Make your products work harder by choosing wisely and investing in products that can serve multiple purposes like a moisturiser that’s a primer. Check out our multi-uses products like our Screen Time SPF Moisturiser and Lip Service Lip Balm here.

🌟Tote bag/reusable bag: Cut down the cost of continuously having to buy plastic bags when you only nipped out for a pint of milk and come back with £50 worth of shopping. Some supermarkets sell compact reusable bags which are easy just to chuck in your bag.

🌟Reusable deodorant: This can be a luxury if you're paying full price, but there are loads of brand deals and discounts out there that can get you started. If you know someone who owns one, most likely they've got a discount code for a free case and then the refills are much cheaper going forward.

🌟Beeswax wraps: The natural alternative to cling film. You can buy these online or at a lot of zero waste shops. Ty ASMR community for showing us these.

🌟Buy vintage!: Your local chazza shop has some serious hidden gems or if you haven't found anything there try out Depop or Vinted. This is also a great way of recycling those items of clothings you haven't touched for years.

🌟Alternative ways to travel: If you're commuting to uni or work why not hop on a bike or if you're close enough to walk get your hot girl trainers on and start foot slapping the streets. HumanForest is great if you're in London as they plant trees for every ride you do (and there's loads of great discounts to save you some serious money).

🌟Reusable face pads: These are a great alternative to your normal cotton pad. Just make sure you clean them thoroughly after each use to stop nasty bacteria staying on there and causing imperfections.

How do you live a more sustainable existence? Send us your tips and suggestions to share with the community. Hit us up on Instagram @lovemememe____ or TikTok @lovemememe____ 💅
Date: 24 March 2023

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