Love, MeMeMe Christmas Gift Guide

Baileys hot choccy in hand, fluffy socks on and twinkling lights from Primark, it can only mean one thing besties, it’s Christmas! Not sure what to get your pals for christmas? We’ve got you covered. 

We’ve put together a christmas gift guide depending on the type of friend you are purchasing for.: 

The babe who has everything

Screen Time SPF Moisturiser | Discounts this Holiday period 

This friend is sometimes a bit of a nightmare to purchase for, they always seem to have everything they need and as soon as they need something, they go out and buy it (slightly envious they have their life together more than me but that’s another story). 

For this friend, why not get them something they will genuinely use, our Screen Time SPF Moisturiser is perfect as she’s multifunctional, moisturising, protects your skin from UVA / UVB and blue light and is the perfect makeup primer. You need to be wearing SPF all year round so it is guaranteed they will use it.

Early in their self-care journey

No Filter Retinol and CBD Moisturiser | Discounts this Holiday period 

Now, we all have that friend who we’ve been trying to wean off using a 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner and body wash and still uses the same moisturiser their mum bought them in year 7, this year they’re stepping it up. 

Why don’t we introduce them slowly into what a self-care routine can be? 

For beginners we’d start with No Filter Retinol and CBD moisturiser. This gives them only 1 new step in their routine - but one that makes a big difference. We recommend starting off applying your No Filter Retinol product every other night before increasing after 1 month of use. It’ll quickly leave them glowing facial skin as well as a great way to be introduced to active ingredients and the benefits of them.

The person who put their Christmas decs up in September

Good Hair, Don’t Care Hair Mask | Discounts this Holiday period 

You know this friend is on their third christmas dinner already this year, they’ve got all the decorations up and everyone's gifts are already wrapped. 

We love a festive queen. For this person we recommend our Good Hair, Don’t Care CBD Hair Mask as you know this person has already planned out their Christmas lewk this year including all the matching PJs for their family. Their hair should be matching their energy and with our hair mask they will achieve an award winning shine to any blow dry.

The queen who goes too hard on Christmas eve and is hung over for Christmas Day

On Cloud 9 CBD Face Mask | Discounts this Holiday period

Firstly, mood. Secondly, they may need a little something to make them feel nice and fresh. For this friend, why not get them our On Cloud 9 CBD Face Mask designed to calm and hydrate the skin leaving that person glowy AF.
Date: 06 December 2022

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