Meet Hani

Say hello to Hani Sidow, content creator and author of Insta-Glam, Hani was a no-brainer for the MeMeMe gang when we spotted her glowing (literally, her skin?!) on the ‘gram. We sat Hani down and asked her a few questions on what self love, and self care meant to her... and here goes 🙂🤟

🙂 What does self love mean to you? 🙂

"Self love to me is allowing myself to make excuses for myself sometimes, just like I would with everyone else. We're all human and no one is perfect, so it's okay to not be so hard on yourself. "

🙂 What's your self care routine? 🙂

"I practice self care by taking a day out dedicated to me. So on Sunday's no one can talk to me, it's my day, whether I spend the day putting on face mask or binge watching Friends. It's just a day to put a smile on my face and not think about anything else. "

We're obsessed with you, Hani. You can follow Hani's journey below:


Date: 17 August 2021

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