Meet Liana

Say hello to Liana Jade, content creator who truly embodies self love. Her unique twist on makeup tutorials and her general positivity across her channels is exactly what drew us to the TikTok queen herself. We sat Liana down and asked her a few questions on what self love, and self care meant to her... and here goes 🙂🤟

🙂 What does self love mean to you? 🙂

"Self love to me means making sure that you prioritise time within your week to do something that you enjoy. I feel like you can get caught up in life and forget to take out those little moments, even if it's just having a bath or taking a walk. Just making sure you take that time out for yourself."

🙂 What's your self care routine? 🙂

"I practice self care mainly by taking time off social media, I think you can get sucked into the concept of a false reality, and taking time out of that is important to realising what is true to life. Oh, and also a bit of skincare as well."

We're obsessed with you, Liana. You can follow Liana's journey below:




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