Meet Max

Say hello to Max Ragan, model (if you couldn’t tell) and creator who builds original content that enables his distinctive style and personality to shine through. We sat Max down and asked him a few questions on what self love, and self care meant to him... and here goes 🙂🤟

🙂 What does self love mean to you? 🙂

"Self love to me means taking some time out of your day to prioritise yourself, whether that's mentally or physically - by exercising or doing a face mask for example."

🙂 What's your self care routine? 🙂

"The way I practice self care is by exercising everyday. I feel like when I'm not feeling 100% or not feeling myself it's because I've been slacking on the exercise, so I like to exercise everyday and make sure I'm drinking enough water."

We're obsessed with you, Max. You can follow Max's journey below:


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