Meet Miah

Say hello to Miah Carter. Known on TikTok as your body confidence big sis. Miah has been making waves on the TikTok scene with her body positive, fashion and make up content. We sat Miah down and asked her a few questions on what self love, and self care meant to her... and here goes 🙂🤟

🙂 What does self love mean to you? 🙂

"Self love is loving yourself through thick and thin; and loving yourself no matter what type of clothes you have on your body, and not comparing yourself to others."

🙂 What's your self care routine? 🙂

"I work all week, and on a Sunday, I just sleep. You know? I take time to catch up on my sleep, watching a movie or catch up on my series; and chill with my family - and eat food."

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Date: 17 August 2021

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