Miah, Elvira and Liana: Servin' Halloween Realness

Hello, hi, hey.

Halloween may be over but we couldn't pass up on sharing how The Me Movement gals, Miah Carter, Liana Jade and Elvira Styles showed off some seriously good Halloween looks, and how they served seriously good skin using their two of our hero and fan-fave products:

Screen Time CBD SPF25 Daily Moisturiser

Issa (UV-Ray) block party with Screen Time. Screen Time moisturiser with added SPF25 is the hero you’ve been waiting for. Protecting from the sun’s UVA/B rays, your screen’s UV rays, and overall bad vibes, whilst hydrating your skin. Formulated with CBD, this unique antioxidant-rich multitasker glides onto skin, absorbing quickly, working as the perfect base for your makeup.

On Cloud 9 Hydrating CBD Face Mask

This is your first class ticket to Cloud-9. This soft pink face mask will not only soothe your skin, giving you the power to serve ultimate radiance throughout the day, it'll also encourage you to take a break. Rich in Almond Oil, CBD and Vitamins A, E and C to support the skin's barrier and keep you gloooooowin'.

Watch Liana, Miah and Elvira's spooky looks below:






Date: 01 November 2021

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