Printed Weird's founder Nicola get's real about all things self-care

If you haven't heard of Printed Weird, get to know. They create iconic, fun and groovy home decor without the hefty price tag. We sat down with their founder Nicola to discuss all things self-care and self love.

So Nicola, who are you and what do you do?

Hello! My name is Nicola, I’m 32 and a brummie!

What made you want to start Printed Weird?

So, I first started Printed Weird back in 2018 when I came back from a long period of travelling and had ZERO ideas what I wanted to do!

I literally remember having a hungover morning chat with my mate over a maccie’s breakfast and she was like... ‘I just can’t get any cool homeware that’s not ridiculously expensive, YOU SHOULD MAKE HOMEWARE!

Since leaving university, I have always tried selling my designs with not the greatest success... but I’ve never tried home décor, maybe this is my calling!

So Printed Weird started out with me trawling the charity shops and upcycling various bits and pieces, (some were awful!) or putting my favourite song lyrics on wall prints.

Since then, I’ve not looked back! I love designing funky décor or gifts with an affordable price tag!

How do you stay true to yourself with all the different trending aesthetics on social media?

I’m not going to lie; we are influenced by trends! But I have always wanted someone to look at a design and know straight away, THAT’S a Printed Weird design!

Maintaining the same groovy style, fun designs, bold colours & funky patterns/typography is very important to me as a brand and what makes us unique.

What does self-care look like to you?

  • Going to the pub for a beer!
  • Taking a long bubble and reading a good book
  • Cooking my fav meals
  • Playing some of my favourite vinyl’s while maybe doing a jigsaw!

What is your favourite Love, MeMeMe product?

I love the Retinol CBD moisturiser, now I’ve hit the dreaded 30 I like to try and keep my face looking youthful! Also, the ‘Lip Service’ lip balm is amazing for when I’m at work because I am ALWAYS constantly licking or biting my lips when concentrating, so the lip balm makes them
super soft again.

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Date: 21 April 2023

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