Prioritising self-care at Christmas

In the festive run up, it’s easy to let your self-care routine slip. There’s lots going on, friends and family gatherings, Christmas shopping and hustling under the mistletoe. Although it’s a super exciting time, it is easy for your self-care routine to go on the back burner. Take this as your reminder to schedule in your time for yourself so you don’t end up burning out before the big day.

What can you implement? 

Carve out dedicated time for self-care

We all know this is the time for giving, however, it’s important to take care of yourself. The festive run up can be a busy and hectic time so remember to check in with yourself. This could be carving out as little as half an hour each day and spending it looking after yourself. This could be through going out for a walk, popping on a face mask or turning your phone off.

Get as much daylight as possible

Daylight is a natural mood booster and with the shorter days, it’s important to be getting that time outside. What’s more, getting some daylight can improve your sleep and help establish a routine. 

Set boundaries

Now we all know, this is the time where everyone is heading to cosy pubs, Christmas parties and nights out, however, don’t feel the pressure of saying yes to everything. Attending a lot of events can be draining for some. However, if you do fancy going to a lot of events, make sure you’ve scheduled in time for self-care.

Abandon expectations of a perfect Christmas

I don’t know about you, but every year in the run up to Christmas I’m expecting my day and days before to look like a Hallmark movie. The reality is someone’s rolled up late for Christmas dinner, someone’s burnt the turkey so it’s drier than the Sahara desert and the table looks like a shambles. The important thing here to do is if you feel this pressure to have an unrealistic Christmas, try not to go on too much social media. The main thing is to appreciate what you have and the people around you.

Date: 19 December 2022

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