Spooky Szn Prep 🎃

It’s spooky szn queens, now that you’ve got our outfit together it’s time to elevate the lewk to be the best dressed of the night. This all starts with prep. 

Here are our top tips for spooky szn, but make it glam: 

Prime your skin! There’ll be no smudged make up over here

Gurl, you’ve spent hours on your lewk! Don’t let that masterpiece get all smudged. Love, MeMeMe’s Screen Time SPF moisturiser is the perfect product to ensure your makeup stays to slay the whole night as well as giving you the ultimate glow (and protection, of c) 

Buttery soft skin

Don’t neglect your skin after spending hours on your face and outfit. Use Love, MeMeMe’s Duvet Days body butter to give your skin that glass shine. If you’re a fake tanning queen, use it for prep to help with those pesky dry patches.

Hand bag essentials

Thank me later for this. Hand sani, if you’re a city gurl, this is a must. Spare lash glue, the girlies in the club bathroom will thank you. Lip balm to keep those lips glossy and smooth, try Love, MeMeMe’s Lip service lip balm for nourished, but glossy lips without the stick. Lastly, a few makeup items in case you need to freshen up your lewk.

Silky Hair

Long are the days of your hair being a side character of your look, let those luscious locks steal the show. Why not try Love, MeMeMe’s Good Hair Don’t Care hair mask to revitalise those dry ends and give you that salon blow-out lewk.

Date: 27 October 2022

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