The Me Movement

I always used to think that I had to mould myself to the room that I was in or I had to be quieter, or softer - and now I'm like... actually, I'm here. I'm proud and I'm gonna be loud. And that is me. And I think that's all part of accepting yourself and loving yourself.

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The Me Movement

15 September 2021

Meet Mae

Introducing Mae Muller, the leader of the Love, MeMeMe 'Me Movement'. Not only is she a super tal...

26 August 2021

Meet Chloe

Say hello to Chloe Rose, a content creator and true queen of fashion. Chloe absolutely kills the...

17 August 2021

Meet Liana

Introducing Liana, a content creator that truly embodies self love. Her unique twist on makeup tu...

17 August 2021

Meet Hani

Say hello to Hani Sidow, content creator and author of Insta-Glam, Hani was a no-brainer for the...

17 August 2021

Meet Max

Introducing Max, model (if you couldn’t tell) and creator who builds original content that enable...