Triple threat Love, MeMeMe products

Hey bestie, we know right now can be a hard time for a lot of people. Although there’s no better investment than investing in yourself, getting lots of new products can add up quickly. In light of this, we’ve been getting savvy with our Love, MeMeMe favs and have been exploring multi uses for our products. 

Here are some our triple threat products:

Screen Time SPF Moisturiser

This little baby works hard to protect your skin and leaves it feeling super hydrated and moisturised but did you know that this hero product cuts across multiple?


Perhaps the most obvious benefit, Screen Time contains glycerin which allows your skin to retain moisture. What's more it contains soothing active ingredients to leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

💓UVB and UVA protection

Did you know that 90% of ageing comes from the sun? This is why it’s super important to slap that SPF on all year round. What's more Screen Time also protects you from blue light and pollution. You heard that right! Thank us later.😘

💓Makeup primer

Using Screen Time truly locks in the moisture ensuring your makeup has the perfect flawless base layer for your foundation. The glowy complexion you’ll have will elevate your lewk and ensure you’re slaying.



Lip Service Lip Balm

Lip Service is your handbag essential, everyone needs one. This little gorgey number intensely conditions, nourishes and moisturises your lips. It’s packed with antioxidants and natural emollients to nourish dry or chapped lips. A super slick formulation makes it slide on like oil.

💓Lip Balm

No brainer, with Mango oil, Vitamin E and CBD your lips are going to feel moisturised and plump.

💓Glossy lids

Now, if you don’t know what this is, it’s a particular makeup lewk where you pop a glossy product on your eyelids for a stellar runway ready lewk. Not for the faint hearted but if you wanted to zhuzh up your lewk and try something new, why not try a glossy lid!

💓Glitter adhesive

Festival babes, this ones for you. Many times I have been caught out forgetting glitter glue when I’m sitting in my tent with a lukewarm can of cider. Or, when I do remember my glitter glue, I’m left scraping the glitter off for hours at night (or next morning reality) which can be super damaging for your skin. Try using something soft like our lip service which the glitter will adhere to and when you’re ready to remove it, just a few swipes and you’ll be glitter free.



Good Hair, Don’t Care

She really is a miracle worker. Let’s dive into how you can get multiple uses out of your Love, MeMeMe hair mask.

💓Hair Mask

Obvi, with Argan Oil, Almond Oil and CBD without weighing hair down, making it the perfect mask to condition thirsty tresses. The hard working formula repairs hair from the inside out, reviving dry hair, damaged by styling, heat and the environment. 


Now, if you haven’t tried this, definitely give it a go. I don’t know about you but I don’t always have time to wait whilst my hair is in a mask for hours, girly is booked and busy and needs to be out the door. Try using your hair mask as a conditioner, post shampoo when hair is still damp, pop in a good dollop of Good Hair, Don’t Care on your locks, tie it back and wait around 10 mins and then rinse. I often get all my other bits done during this time like exfoliate and shave. Your hair will feel super soft.

💓Hair styling product

Seeing loads of slick pony/slick buns on TikTok but don’t have any hair wax, mousse or gel? Try using a hair mask! It works just as well for slicking back your hair giving it that runway ready lewk. Unlike gels or mousse which can damage your hair, using a hair mask works hard nourishing your hair whilst you’re on the move during the day and/or night. Win win.

💌DM us on Insta and let us know what other ways you use your Love, MeMeMe products.💌

Date: 30 January 2023

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