Why you should be wearing SPF all year round

SPF, it's a lifestyle. The disappearance of the sun through these chillier months does not mean the disappearance of harmful UV rays surrounding us. Here's why you shouldn't be ditching your SPF routine with your crop tops this winter. 

  • UV rays are present all day, all year round, no matter the weather

In some cases UV rays can actually be stronger during winter in higher altitudes and snowy conditions than compared to summer, we’re just more aware of them in summer as we can physically see the effects on our skin due to sunburn. But don’t be fooled, these rays can still burn and damage the skin all year round.

  • UV rays from your computer, TV and phone screens can cause damage to your skin

In the digital age we live in, it’s impossible to go a day without looking at some sort of screen - and in most cases, we’ll switch from working all day at a computer screen to unwinding in front of the TV or watching TikTok on our phone. Staying indoors and away from the sun won’t protect your skin, SPF is the key - inside or outside. 

  • Winter weather removes your SPF quicker than usual

Harsher weather conditions means that those AM products you apply during your morning routine don’t last as long as they usually would, so it’s even more important in the autumn/winter months to regularly reapply your SPF for ultimate protection against those secret UV rays. 

Date: 12 November 2021

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