On Cloud 9


Hydrating Face Mask, 100ml

What is it:

On Cloud 9 is a rich and creamy face mask packed with Almond Oil, Vitamins A, E and C, with an additional layer of moisturiser rich plant based CBD, designed to calm and hydrate the skin, leaving you glowy AF.


These powerful active ingredients leave your skin nourished, feeling super smooth and soft while helping to prevent water loss by sealing in moisture (hello plumpness!). Apply for 10 minutes to clean skin, pop on a podcast, relax and wash off with warm clean water, to reveal beautifully radiant and calm skin.

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We launched Love, MeMeMe to celebrate everyone. Creating a range of products to ensure that everyone can take a bit of time for themselves. We have worked on luxurious formulas, using incredible ingredients to ensure the products work for all skin types. And we don’t EVER re touch our imagery. What you see is what you get.