Vegan Formulas

All our products are made with 100% vegan formulas. No nasties here.

No Retouching

Being authentically yourself is important when reclaiming self love and that means we never re-touch any of our imagery. You're enough as you are.

Cruelty Free

We never test our products on any animals and are proud to use practical alternatives to cosmetic animal testing. Animals are friends.

Love, Mae Xo

"I think self love is allowing yourself to make mistakes - I think that's how you grow. I'm really good at being really hard on myself and I feel like I always give myself a hard time when I do 'mess up', I take it out on me and I think self love is actually accepting that and being like 'Do you know what? You're never going to perfect!' and that's actually okay."

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Beautifully created, skin care essentials designed to take you from day to night with that 'always on' glow.

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Indulgent body and hair care products to ensure you always make time for 'me time'

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Gifts for you, gifts for your besties, gifts for whoever you fancy. We got youuuuuuu.

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Our Mission

It's time to fall in love with yourself. Time just for you, pure unadulterated self-indulgence. It's a state of mind. You're the hero of your story.

We believe a better me, makes a better us. Self love first, self care second.